In the summer months, the Palazzo della Ragione, in the heart of the ‘Città Alta’ of Bergamo, will once more be the external venue of the GAMeC: Jenny Holzer (Gallipolis, 1950), the well-known American artist who uses the written word as a means of social critique and creative expression, will present the public with a remarkable multimedia installation, especially designed for the prestigious Sala delle Capriate.

Jenny Holzer’s works speak of violence, oppression, gender, sexuality, feminism and power. For the artist, the rhetoric of the languages of information and of advertising becomes a cutting tool with which to deal with issues of a political and social nature through brief and incisive statements that strike at the heart of common sense, dominant thought and prejudice.

The project, curated by Lorenzo Giusti, will foster a stimulating dialogue between the subversive poetics of the artist and the architecture of the medieval building.