The GAMeC story is the story of its art collections, built on a series of precious donations, an expression of the providence and generosity of collectors from the Bergamo area. A story in the making, marked by the commitment of an entire community that has entrusted the Gallery with bequests and loans over a period of time, beginning in 1991 – the year GAMeC was founded – up to today. A “today” that is not a set, expired date but a rolling deadline that slides forward from time to time, in constant evolution, bound closely with the history of the city and its future prospects.

The Impermanent Collection derives from this story and is a research, display and workshop platform – conceived as a fundamental part of the GAMeC’s new cultural program drafted by Lorenzo Giusti – which reflects on the dynamic and in some ways contradictory character of a collection usually defined by a contrary (permanent) attribute. Through a series of events the program will put in place an action that not only constitutes a research tool for existing heritage but also a space for reflection on the art of collecting and on institutional acquisition policies, and terrain for curatorial experimentation prior to the opening of the new gallery, scheduled for 2022, and for procurement of new groups of works for the city.